What does courage look like?

  • Turning the other cheek
  • Taking the low road
  • Being a leader with the mindset of a slave
  • Going against the grain by rejecting worldliness
  • Putting your wife’s needs above yours ALL the time
  • Submitting to your husband
  • Putting family before career
  • Willing to take a bullet for your children without hesitation
  • Loving your enemies
  • Rejecting first place; wanting to be last instead
  • Believing and doing things the world sees as mythological, bizarre or childish
  • Washing your own creations’ feet
  • The frequent and heavy drinking of breast milk, allowing the breasts to become engorged, then emptying them again routinely, knowing this lifestyle is endorsed by God and helps strengthen marriages
  • Dying to self and living for Jesus
  • Bleeding and dying to random your enemies from your Father’s and your own wrath.

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