She loves breast attention

I know women who get off on their own breasts.

– guy in conversation, to which a female friend responded “I get turned on by my own breasts.”

In the softest breasts, I said women with ANR interests have the world’s nicest breasts.

Breasts that are so amazing, even the owner can’t resist them, often make the best ANR equipment.

One Couples Nursing seeker who’s Christian told me the main reason she’s looking for an ANR is the fact that she enjoys breast play, which was echoed by Jeanne and others I quoted in My favorite ANR personals. Furthermore, I’ve encountered even more ladies on ANR dating sites who expressed how greatly they desire this attention. Nipple sucking for hours, to them, is a taste of heaven.

Guys, cautiously and respectfully seek a woman whose breasts are so nice, even she probably gets turned on. And remember, you can intuit this without staring.

This desire is at the convergence of all reasons God created breasts, and lies at the heart of the three core ANR traits in women: soft, sensuous, nurturing.

ANR women want to give their breasts to others, and relish the pleasure they get in return. They can’t resist giving their men — and themselves — the gift of breast play. Thank you, ladies, for serving us in this most beautiful manner.

It’s incredibly genius of God to make breasts both sexual and non-sexual organs. That the most feminine protruding organs on a woman’s body have two distinct yet closely related functions is absolutely marvelous.

ANR-interested women’s breasts are so soft, their nipples and areolae so responsive that they can’t help seeking to be touched. I thank God for masterminding things this way. The best of His creation longs to give back to Him the glory He deserves.

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