The power of community

ANRs are very gradually becoming popular. How is this possible if as a global society we’re moving away from traditional gender roles while the typical woman who strongly desires this bond is the soft, nurturing traditional “mama” type?

The answer lies in the power of the internet. The personal, discrete, as well as highly social nature of the information superhighway allows more people to discover the beauty of this intimacy than ever before.

A year and a half ago, the Jennifer Mulford story broke out on the internet and boy, did I witness a sharp rise in visitors. That’s why we had a marked increase in month-over-month ANRSpace members in June 2016, followed by a first ever decline in our member tally last July.

June 8 'viral' upsurge.jpg
Notice the upsurge on June 8, the day the Jennifer Mulford story broke across the internet.
Week of June 8 'viral' upsurge
The week of June 8, 2016 was Christ-centered ANR’s most successful week ever in terms of views and visitors.

Funny enough, Bill Gates once thought the internet was a form of socialism and excluded web browsing software on new Windows 95 PCs. Also, a female campaign manager for Bill Clinton wondered how we ever lived without the internet. “How did we even access information?” she asked, in a CNN documentary on the ’90s, where someone else commented: “we’ll look back in a hundred years and say this was the time that everything changed,” in reference to the revolution brought about by the internet.

I think in years to come, someone might also ask “how did we ever do marriage without ANR?” to which others might respond “we didn’t. We got divorced.”

Thank God for the internet. It has the power to save marriages, depending on where you choose to surf.

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