Surprised by ANR|When we collide with grace, we’re never the same

A memorable ANR profile I came across said nearly verbatim: “I’ve been a surrogate mother and have nursed multiple babies. Nursing adults was never my thing until I tried it and was shocked that I liked it.”

That’s because nursing unleashes some powerful nurturing instincts in a woman, more than she ever knew she had. And as we’ve just read, it’s not limited to nurturing babies and children. Women were created to be life-givers, even to adults. The nurturing and life-giving only takes a different form when with husband vs. child.

I know a former career woman who once wanted no kids. Now a godly mother of four and grandmother of two, she’s so good at her role that I can’t imagine her being childless. She serves all six with so much joy and excellence that it seems effortless. She also expressed her surprise to me at her initial rejection of motherhood.

I myself am gradually seeing how beautiful it is to die to self in order to serve others.

Being a go-giver who reaches out to others expecting nothing in return is about as Christ-like as we can get on this side of eternity.

The grace of God is the power of God to transform the lives of all who believe (Rom. 1:16, Titus 2:11-14).

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