It’s a totally different dynamic

When my child holds my hand, I get a motherly feeling of protection but when my husband holds my hand, it has a romantic feel. When my child rests on my breasts, the feeling is warm and fuzzy, but when my husband rests on my breasts, erotic things happen.

– near word-for-word quote I found on an ANR site

“How I would feel about my husband drinking my breastmilk vs how I imagine I will feel when nursing our baby is so completely different, like night and day. One is a nurturing, nutritive act between mother and child, and the other is sharing my body with my lover in a uniquely intimate way.. a way to be close that is as intimate as lovemaking itself.”

– another ANR-friendly woman

“As adults we are able to separate feeling of love for different people into different behaviors. I hug and kiss my nephew and I love him to bits but it is nothing like hugging and kissing my lover who I also love. If I am able to lactate and if there was some kind of crazy disaster that calls for me to breast feed a child it would be completely non-sexual, I have the ability to separate and control my sexual desires, I don’t think I am uncommon at all in that respect?”

– yet another

Female participants view Couples Nursing as an erotic, loving, bonding act, not as mothering their husbands.

Our mouths are primarily meant for talking and eating, but they assume different functions when we kiss, just as genitals were created primarily for reproductive purposes, but oral sex puts a different spin on these organs.

I agree with all the sentiments expressed above, because if I were married with a kid and kissed both my wife and daughter goodnight, although the same hormone, oxytocin, would be released in both instances, with a child, it’ll be more of a warm and fuzzy fatherly feel. With a wife, it’ll be a romantic, “love you honey” sentiment.

With the hubby, nursing has a completely different feel. Don’t knock it until you try it. Some women say they’re weirded out at first but after giving a shot, it becomes completely normal. (See Surprised by ANR).

“I’ll venture to say people who can’t leave babies out of the ABF picture are really the ones with difficulty suppressing intrusive thoughts. Those who insist on mentally inviting children into the ANR bedroom are the real pedophiles, they’re the ones with some psychological attachment issues, not us. Please forgive my bluntness but I also really think ANR bashers are being prudes. I don’t think milk from a breast has ever killed anyone, or caused any psychological damage.”

A biblical defense of ANRs on Christ-centered ANR

“People oppose Couples Nursing probably due to psychological reasons. Most of us have been so socially conditioned that we’re unable to dissociate breast milk and babies” but God is not averse to spicing things up.

– quote from Am I twisting Scripture to justify my kinky fetish?

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