Spontaneous Lactation

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Back when I was 17, while showering one day, I noticed my breasts suddenly began to produce copious amounts of milk! I told my mother, who said I was pregnant. I insisted I wasn’t, but she didn’t believe me.

-Anonymous (paraphrased)

By freckles5321, Feb 13, 2006
I am so confused. About three days ago, after I had climaxed, I noticed a wet spot on my shirt where my nipple is located. I thought it seemed like when my breasts used to leak years ago when I had nursed my daughter. The next day, while in the shower, I squeezed my nipple to see if this was the case and, what appeared to be milk or colostrum, came out. I tried the other breast and the same thing happened. My first thought was possible pregnancy; however, the last time my husband and I had sex was the day after my period about a week and a half ago. For the first time, we did not use any protection because the chance of conception seemed unlikely and we wouldn’t consider it to be bad thing anyway. I went ahead and took a pregnancy test which was, of course, negative. I have not had any other changes in my body that seem related or unrelated. I had began a workout program a couple of days before. I am not nor have I recently been on birth control. I do not have any other symptoms of ovarian cysts (this was one thing I saw as a possibility). My period comes about every 24 days and only lasts 1 and a half to 2 and a half days (yeah, I’m lucky). I know this is a lot of info. but I’m trying to be as thorough as possible. I cannot find any good explanation for this and I have not seen it as an early sign of pregnancy. I know I didn’t lactate until late in my second trimester with my daughter. Please help. Any ideas?

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Harleygrl Feb 13, 2006
Elevated prolactin can cause breast discharge. You would need a blood test to see if that is the cause. There is medication to treat the elevated levels and symptoms then cease.

freckles5321 Feb 13, 2006
What would cause elevated prolactin?

Harleygrl Feb 13, 2006
A pituitary tumor or cyst is the usual culprit.

freckles5321 Feb 21, 2006
Just an update…I had my prolactin levels checked and was normal. I’m still waiting on results from my thyroid.

mrspace24 Jan 22, 2009
I had something similar happen to me last month when I ovulated. For almost 2 full weeks (a week before and a week prior to ovulating) I lactated. I’ve never had children, although I’ve been pregnant several times. All miscarriages. My doctor checked my prolactin levels and everything was normal. So I have no idea why I lactated. But now, I ovulated last weekend. And my breasts are swelling some and are starting to hurt. So I’m wondering if it’s going to happen again. I sure hope not!

I am currently going through this as well. I am 23, 24 next month. and i have been having pains in my breasts as well as lactating, neg preg test and i get my results tomorrow. I have been told that some people naturally lactate. In the old days they were called milk maids and they were paid to breast feed other children, it can be stimulated by eating oats, lentals, the yeast that is in beer etc. but i will keep you posted if i find out anything different from my doctor. Thank you now i know i am not the only one.

Excessive Breast Stimulation

Excessive breast stimulation also inhibits the release of hypothalmic prolactin inhibitory factor, causing galactorrhea in nonpregnant women. Excessive breast stimulation can occur due to sexual stimulation, frequent self-examinations of the breast, suckling or self-manipulation.

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