Eve’s bra size

You’re like “bras weren’t invented till just over a hundred years ago.” You’re right, but bear with me and you’ll see where I’m going with this.

I’m a firm believer that God originally intended breasts to be amply sized.

Having breasts, especially lactating breasts, is one of the highest glories of womanhood. And I believe the larger and softer the breasts, the more feminine the woman. Our society doesn’t see it that way.

During the conversation I mentioned in She loves breast attention, I reminded the female participant (who doesn’t really like wearing bras) that bras weren’t invented until the 1800s and women in the Bible didn’t wear them. She responded by reminding me that they somehow found alternate means to hold their breasts in place.

The guy then explained how larger breasts could hold more milk.

We’ve evolved into societies where breasts are smaller and caged up. Rather than seeing them as the feminine, beautiful organs God created them to be, we’ve come to see them as a nuisance that must be bound and restricted.

Ample, full, productive and succulent breasts were God’s original design. That’s why I use this as a criterion for judging physical and maternal desirability in a potential wife.

They’re part of God’s Shalom. Eve most likely didn’t have small breasts.

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