Ideal ANR breasts

Women who desire ANRs all seem to have breasts that are:

  • Soft
  • Their owner’s pride and joy
  • Extra fatty and creamy
  • Bra busters
  • Yearning to be free
  • Round
  • Somewhat pendulous
  • Fluid
  • Full
  • Sensual
  • Sensitive, probably nipples and areolas too
  • Responsive
  • Succulent
  • “Juicy”

Again, one can infer these WITHOUT sinning. I don’t believe in engaging in explicit conversations before marriage, but I do maintain that it’s important for a woman’s breasts to have these qualities, and while pursuing a woman, men should tactfully raise the subject. It’s much healthier to talk things out as adults than risk lusting, fantasizing, staring, objectifying, or being unsatisfied in marriage.

I would give you some spiced wine to drink, some juice squeezed from my pomegranates.”

— Song 8:2

“nipples-of·her they-shall-satiate·you in·every-of season”

— Proverbs 5:19

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