Reblog: Beginning my journey, Finding a schedule and Milky hopes

Three posts from a 30 y.o. woman on a non-Christian ANR site:


First post: Beginning my journey

It was not an easy decision for me to start the process of induction.

I developed my large breasts very early on in life and my love/hate relationship with them strongly influenced my sexual development. Learning to love my big breasts ultimately led me on a journey to body acceptance. I love my breasts and I cherish them. I value them for what they symbolize, as well as how they make me feel.

A few years ago I started fantasizing about nursing/milking/lactation in both sexual and non-sexual contexts. It seemed like a natural extension of my love for breasts and breast play (both mine and others). However, I didn’t consider inducing myself to be a practical endeavor. Inducing takes a lot of time, effort, and money (at least to get started), and I didn’t feel like I could shoulder that responsibility by myself. I told myself – maybe one day when I am in a live-in relationship where I can have someone there to … support me, perhaps even after I have kids.

Also, as a young single woman, the idea of looking for an ANR partner was quite daunting and sketched me out a bit! I wasn’t sure what to expect. I put up a post looking for a non-sexual ANR on Craigslist about a year ago to see what kind of response I would get. O.M.G. It was OVERWHELMING. I only left my post up for a few hours and I got over 50 responses! They ranged from straight up disrespectful, to skeptical, to earnest. But honestly, most of the messages creeped me out and I didn’t feel safe making any arrangements to meet any of those men (same goes for the few women who responded).

Recently, I have been browsing through lactation groups on … just to learn more about what it takes exactly to start inducing lactation, not really intending to go for it. Last week, after reading all the wonderful stories and encouragement from the other women, I decided to take the plunge. It might have been a bit impulsive, but I’m tired of waiting and I want to see just how far I can go. I ordered some Domperidone online. All I could think as I pressed that ‘confirm order’ button was “Down the rabbit hole I go!”

I’m so excited to enter this weird and wonderful world and join this community of like minded people. I plan to chronicle my journey here and look to this community for support and advice.

Second post: Finding a schedule

As I said in my previous post, I have ordered some domperidone online, but I expect it will take 2-3 weeks to receive it. In the meantime I am trying to prepare my breasts as best as I can to bring in milk. I have a feeling that the biggest struggle for me will be finding a good stimulation schedule that works for me.

First, a bit about the stimulation I am currently doing.

I have been watching videos on the Marmet massage technique and I have tried doing it on my own breasts. It gets old quite quickly! I get bored in about a minute, and my hands start cramping soon after! I guess you have to build hand-stamina for this haha! That was unexpected. Do mouths also get sore/tired … when dry nursing? I have a feeling that the Marmet technique is much more satisfying once you actually have milk to express! Nonetheless, I will continue my efforts to build up my stamina and stimulate my breasts.

The second thing I am doing is using a TENS unit to stimulate my breasts under my clothes while out and about during the day. I bought an inexpensive unit on Amazon for about $40 (TENS 7000) and I use it either on Burst or Modulation mode (I’m not sure which one is better at this point) for 20 minutes at a time. It feels soooo good! I love the tingly feeling on my nipples/breasts and the ache it produces down …. I have to restrain myself from … because I don’t want to send mixed signals to my brain. I am definitely enjoying using my TENS unit!

So my current schedule as I’m getting used to the massage techniques and equipment:

Wake up 8/9AM: 5 minutes of Marmet on each breast, TENS for 20 minutes

11AM: TENS for 20 min

1/2PM: TENS for 20 min

4/5PM: TENS for 20 min

7/8PM: TENS for 20 min (Marmet if possible)

10/11PM: Marmet for 5 min each, TENS for 20 min

We shall see how well I can keep to this schedule. Some adjustments will probably be necessary, and of course I would like to diversify the types of stimulation. Hopefully I start getting stronger with the Marmet and I might try to find a dry nursing [husband] … who can help me out ….

I am looking into buying a good breast pump too. After putting down money for the domperidone and the TENS unit though, I feel I need to save up before I can put down another $100 on a used pump and new replacement parts. I hope to get a pump not too long after I start taking domperidone. I haven’t looked into buying herbs like goats rue and alfalfa yet. I was going to see how well I did on the domperidone with a breast pump. I may start adding in herbal supplements later.

Third post: Milky hopes

I had a dream recently that I was pumping my breasts and a little drop of milk came out. I got super excited! I think it’s a good sign! I’m only 3 weeks in and I don’t have drops yet, but I’m feeling positive about my efforts so far. I am confident that I can do this.

Now a few updates:

With some help, I was able to buy a Medela Pump N’ Style pump last week and I bought the smallest nipple shields I could find. Apparently I have abnormally small nipples? Who knew?! This is definitely a learning process! The pump works great, but is cumbersome and isn’t as strong on battery power, so I have only been pumping 1-2 times in the evening before bed when I can plug it in. I’m still getting used to using it, but I think I’m finally figuring it out. I plan to use the pump more once I start getting drops of milk out. I also found a nursing bra that actually fits; it will be super helpful when I need to pump more often during the day.

While I’m out and about all day – I use my small TENS unit. When I wake up each morning, I prep my breasts with alcohol and position the pads about 1 inch from my nipple. I put my bra on over them, tuck the dangling wires into my pants and voila! Convenient and discreet way to stimulate my breasts every 2-3 hours during the day! I’ll admit that the first week, this made my crazy horny. It felt like a delicious … secret that I was stimulating my nipples without anyone the wiser! Now that I’m almost to my 4th week, it’s become much more routine and occasionally uncomfortable (because my breasts get tender and sore sometimes). When it gets uncomfortable, I make sure the pads still have good contact on my skin and I turn the stimulation down a smidge. I’m also not getting so horny from the frequent stimulation, which is a relief to tell the truth haha.

I started taking alfalfa supplements last Friday and I haven’t had any problems yet at 4g a day. They have a pleasant grassy aftertaste haha. I’ll up my dose to 6g a day next week.

AND THE BIGGEST NEWS: I finally received my domperidone in the mail on Monday ! I’m starting out with a dose of 30mg per day (taking 10mg 3x a day) and I’ll probably up my dosage to 40mg by the end of the week. No adverse side effects yet.

It’s hard to tell if I’ve seen much change in my breasts. I feel like they might be getting a bit firmer, but it might just be my imagination. Nonetheless, I am stoked to continue my efforts. Taking domperidone is the biggest step, so I am so excited to start taking it. I hope to see some results by the end of the month! Now the biggest hurdle for me will be: patience.

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