For married women only!: how to have a nipple orgasm

From healthline (Use caution if visiting website).   Your nipples are erogenous zones A lot of what we see in pop culture suggests that the only way women can orgasm is by stimulating the vaginal area. But that’s not true — not by a long shot. It’s possible for a woman to orgasm without ever touching Continue reading For married women only!: how to have a nipple orgasm

Hebrews 7

New International Version (NIV) Melchizedek the Priest 7 This Melchizedek was king of Salem and priest of God Most High. He met Abraham returning from the defeat of the kings and blessed him, 2 and Abraham gave him a tenth of everything. First, the name Melchizedek means “king of righteousness”; then also, “king of Salem” means “king of peace.” 3 Without father Continue reading Hebrews 7

Hebrews 6

New International Version (NIV) 6 Therefore let us move beyond the elementary teachings about Christ and be taken forward to maturity, not laying again the foundation of repentance from acts that lead to death,[a] and of faith in God, 2 instruction about cleansing rites,[b] the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment. 3 And God permitting, we will do so. 4 It is Continue reading Hebrews 6

Pumping makes her feel more feminine and sensual

“Some women experience sensual pleasure from pumping milk from their breasts or expressing milk manually—with or without a partner. In addition to the sensual pleasure, women have reported feeling more feminine while producing milk and continue with lactation for emotional or sensual reasons after weaning a baby.” Source: Fiona Giles: Fresh Milk – The Secret Continue reading Pumping makes her feel more feminine and sensual

On tap and ready to serve

There’s a certain portmanteau you probably heard. It’s very dehumanizing but for some reason, a significant number of women fantasize about it. To these women, there’s something about having full, overflowing, productive breasts, with milk on tap, that strongly appeals to them. But they add an ingredient, which many people find humiliating. Most of our Continue reading On tap and ready to serve

Hebrews 2

New International Version (NIV) Warning to Pay Attention 2 We must pay the most careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away. 2 For since the message spoken through angels was binding, and every violation and disobedience received its just punishment, 3 how shall we escape if we ignore so great a salvation? This salvation, which Continue reading Hebrews 2

But God

But God, who is rich in mercy, because of His great love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in trespasses, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved) …