The Great ANR sexuality debate: nonsexual bonding act or highly erotic and orgasmic?

Opinions differ in the ANR community on whether the act itself is sexual. On one side are those, mostly women, who emphatically deny any sexual connotation to their desire to nurse, while others, including men and some women, admit to its eroticism. In fact, after tactfully introducing her to the concept, my most recent date twice told me it “sounds erotic.” I could still hear the conviction and passion in her voice.

While many women pursue ANR as a means to comfort, nurture and serve their men, in the process feeling beautiful, feminine and needed, the ANR blogger I followed and profiled most thoroughly once discussed alarming some female followers when she admitted to enjoying it for sexually arousing reasons, in addition to the nurturing bond it creates. Still other women I came across on ANRSpace have described it as a beautiful and graceful dance between the sexual and super arousing, and the non-sexual/deeply bonding, using words far too poetic to faithfully reproduce.

So which is it? What does Scripture say?

The Bible unabashedly presents Couples Nursing as an intimate, loving, sexual act between a married man and woman. In each of the three verses refencing CN, the context is unequivocally erotic.
The Bible in general views breasts as both nurturing nonsexual organs (e.g. Luke 23:29) and instruments of marital fidelity, passion and orgasms (e.g. Proverbs 5, throughout the Song of Solomon). Verses like Ezekiel 23:8 (although illicit in this context) clearly show us that breasts and nipples can bring much sensual excitement, and others like Job 3:12 and 1 Samuel 1:23 demonstrate their beautiful maternal purpose. In short, it’s both sexual and nonsexual.

Personally, my ideal wife would take this balanced, biblically comprehensive position. She would think Husband Breastfeeding is simultaneously sweet, special, loving, beautiful, bonding and nonsexual and highly erotic, sensual, arousing and explosively sexual.

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