More from Steven (and two encouraging responses)

“So, an interesting thing happened.

I’ve been praying to God for a wife that would want an ANR with me for the past few days because I had a feeling He wanted me to ask after I heard a pastor talk about Luke 11:11-13 on Moody radios founders week a few days ago. So I asked, and I was specific about preferences (I know he knows what I need before I do, but I still wanted to put them out there.)

Then “seek and you will find” popped into my head later on. Then as I have been looking but feeling doubts about what I was doing, I asked for a sign that I was in His will.

I looked around aimlessly in my favorites list and clicked on a link, and missed what I intended to click and was brought here. I didn’t see that this was the site I clicked until after it loaded. I remembered that I posted here once before. I looked through the comments and saw, low and behold…

It was 1 year ago this very day that I posted here. Feb 11th 2016… I have to think that’s a sign. Do you think so?”

Anonymous says:
Feb 15, 2017

“Dear Steven:

We believe that it is wonderful that you would ask your heavenly Father for guidance in finding a mate. He wants his children to be happy and fulfilled and wants to be brought in to our lives. He, being our creator, knows what is best for us and who would be our best mate.

Best Wishes,

Lady and Socontented” [Authors of second post in Reviews and testimonials, mostly from female ANR enthusiasts]

Dave says:
May 02, 2017

“Steven, a short encouragement for you … give yourself to God … delight in His love and goodness to you. Commit your way to Him, and let your decisions be guided by Him. He will bring the right woman to you … and you won’t have to worry about who or how or when or where. “Seek ye FIRST the kingdom …. “. He will do the rest. I speak from experience… He is true to His word.”

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