Steven’s ANR comment

“If God didn’t intend for it to be for married couples also, then I don’t think he would have designed to two systems to be separate.

Remember he designed the male and female bodies and systems as easily as you and I breath. As easily as we tie our shoes. He could have just as easily made it so a woman can only lactate when she has a child. But he designed it so a woman can be induced.

You could say “Well that’s so a woman could adopt.”


But it can take a long long time to induce (6 dedicated Months) and back in the day a baby would more likely starve to death by the time they activate let alone made enough to keep it alive. Or maybe to be old enough to not need it anymore by that time.

As children of God the side of himself that he shows to us is all about love and intimacy and friendship. Not romantic love/intimacy. But Marriage is designed to be a reflection of His relationship with us. And in a romantic marriage between a man and woman the love and intimate bond comes in large part from sex. And sharing in God together.

And from what I’ve seen an ANR takes it well beyond what sex can offer on it’s own. So I can’t imagine God not only condoning it but also encouraging it. He’s enabled it to be possible for us.

Read Song of Songs in the bible. It’s God allegorically expressing his desire to be close with us, and considering the reflection of how marriage is, it’s one of the blue prints in the bible of how a husband and wife should be.

There are no words to describe how badly I yearn for all of it.”

February 11, 2016

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