Eastern European husband breastfeeding wife’s list of benefits

This was translated from a Slavic language, so pardon the sometimes incoherent phrasing. I also found that a majority of Eastern European women online seem to be turned off by the idea of HBF, so I don’t think Eastern Europeans are any more into it than Westerners.

“I’m Veronika, … third baby.
I have 2 girls, 18 and 5,5 months old. Older jusem breastfed fully within 9 months, just refused to feed and now in a year and a half breastfeeding her 5 times a day. Younger breastfeed 100%.
After the birth of Veronica, she asked her husband to suck my milk. We have also got used to it and I have been breastfeeding girls and men for 18 months. In addition, on May 1, 2007 I conceived 3 children.
Breastfeeding a husband is a wonderful part of our life. When making love, when … and breastfeeding at the same time achieve severe and multiple orgasms. My husband’s breastfeeding has overwhelmed me with pleasure in breastfeeding, especially when I often breastfeed them both at the same time. In addition, I have extremely exciting breasts since I was 11 years old, when my breast started to bud. But we adhere to one principle:
NEVER mix baby breastfeeding and sex! BABY Breastfeeding Is a Taboo, It is Sacred !!!

I will summarize my experience of 18 months of husband’s breastfeeding:
1, constant milk surplus even during the growth spurt,
2, regular drinking of surpluses, especially in the evening, ensures trouble-free breastfeeding,
3, bring great pleasure to love life,
4, breastfed man is affectionate father and an assistant,
five, breastfeeding allows early return to the marital love leads shortly after giving birth to a reserve release of a man and completely eliminates any hangups and infidelity,
6, leads to strengthening pozence man can ever !!!
Errors SORRY!!!
7, Strengthens the potency of a man
8, Strengthens the immune system of a partner (under certain circumstances and a partner, but I do not want to write it …)
9, allows a slight fantasy unusual techniques of sex
10, finally our generations were not breastfed as today, so our little men at least … …
10th is a nice birdie
I know from my mother and grandmother that breastfeeding dads is nothing new. Experienced midwives knew about it.

I end with the words: BREASTING (AND DADS) HELLO !!!”

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