A forced ANR is a crime against women, nature and God

I came across a young woman online probably no older than her late teens who admitted to being coerced by her ex to participate in an ANR.

My heart sank.

I’ve mentioned on this blog that I’m convinced Husband Nursing is more intimate than sex. Correspondingly, therefore, to coerce anyone into it, I believe, is worse than rape.

It’s extremely dehumanizing and is antithetical to the mission of this blog.

I see no difference between the abusive ex and a mosquito. Different in size, but in that context, both life-sucking parasites.

The key difference maker between a “rapey” ANR and a loving biblical one is a heart that’s been changed by the gospel. By true love from above.

The ex should be arrested for reducing her to a milk-producing slave.

From blogging and researching for almost a decade now [still can’t believe it’s 2020], I’ve become convinced that for every man who wants an ANR, there are two women who seek it, so it’s particularly unfortunate that some men resort to such cruel and ungodly behavior to get it.

What we need are safe spaces where women with ANR desires can feel comfortable coming out. With this in place, such heartbreaking stories might be heard less frequently. Unless that dude is a power-hungry monster whose real turn-on is abusing women rather than bonding with a wife through this intimate act. Thank God most of us ANR men fall into the latter category.



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