Mutual masturbation while nursing

During nursing sessions, I think couples should at times give each other manual pleasure.

Again, according to the Bible, Couples Nursing is a simultaneously sweet, nurturing nonsexual act and a highly sexual one. When couples are in the latter mood, they ought to be willing to please each other to completion.

I see nothing wrong with doing some major vulvar stimulation during a couple’s more intimate and explosive sessions.

Nursing by a fireplace in a cozy cabin on a snowy Christmas? Absolutely. I’m all for sweet, joyful sentiment to accompany our milk exchange.

But penile and clitoral stimulation should also supplement the breastfeeding on special occasions. Or whenever the couple feels like it.

What are your thoughts? Should couples keep it sweet and neat or is the occasional hand-stroking resulting in intense orgasms permissible? Leave comments below.


See also: The Great ANR sexuality debate: nonsexual bonding act or highly erotic and orgasmic?

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