My cafeteria date proves exposure and open-mindedness are ANR advantages

Just over a year ago, I was on a date with a missionary kid born and raised in a tribal country in the tropical Eastern hemisphere.

She had grown up around breastfeeding mothers all her life.

Following my M.O., when I finally got to bringing up CN to find out what she thought of it, by showing her it was biblical and asserting it was a very loving thing to do for one’s husband, she simply said it wasn’t a big deal. She’d definitely partake when married if her husband were interested. She told me she had seen many mothers breastfeed in the jungle nation of her childhood, so she was completely comfortable with any and all forms of nursing. “Many couples do this in private,” she confidently declared, with a smile that couldn’t bely the somewhat erotic nature of our conversation. She repeated how it wasn’t at all a big deal to her.

This conversation that had the two of us sitting right there across from each other in a well-lit and nearly empty cafeteria was very helpful and instructive in my quest to better understand ANRs.

People who are exposed to breastfeeding and aren’t closed-minded are a likelier bet.

Being breastfed myself slightly longer than most babies might play a role in my lifelong comfort with the idea of Couples Nursing.

Beloved readers, seek a mate that’s been very exposed to nursing mothers and views breastfeeding as a natural, healthy bonding act.

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