What do you tell your doctor as to why you’re lactating when you’re in an ANR?

Yesterday, someone was led to this blog by entering the above question into a search engine.

Made me curious how you would handle this. Please comment below. Thanks a bunch.



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  1. Kb

    Ha ha, I DON’T tell my doctors. At age 62, it’s a little hard to explain why I do anr. Once during a mammogram some milk came out, and the young tech asked me if that was normal. I said, “yes” and left it at that. Now I’m careful to express before my mammograms, lol.

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    • Prov519

      Thanks for your comment, Kb. I can only imagine the look on the young tech’s face after that interaction. Probably a puzzled look, and most likely didn’t suspect an ANR.

      Great idea to express before a mammogram. I didn’t consider that.
      Good for you to still be going strong at 62. Further proof that women’s breasts were created to handle a lifetime of lactation.
      What if there’s a medical questionnaire or similar situation that requires you to answer whether you’re lactating or not?


  2. Kb

    I’ve had medical procedures but have not informed the doctor. The reason they ask if you are lactating is that any medication they give you has the potential to be excreted in one’s breast milk and harm the baby. I don’t feel it could harm my husband.

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    • Prov519

      Lol, I hope no husbands consume any estrogen-type hormones or similar.

      Kudos to you Kb, for your amazing love and consideration as you think of your husband at every step of the way, because you consider him in everything you ingest.


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