Adult breastfeeding among buffaloes

I’ve heard one critic cite the uncommonness of adult breastfeeding in the animal kingdom as proof that it’s unnatural. I’m sure many other critics think the same way.

The video above is a clear counterexample.

I believe God encourages the practice among us uniquely because we were made in his image and are the only truly self-aware earthly beings.

Growing up in Africa, I’ve witnessed adult breastfeeding among goats. I’ve also seen an online video of the practice between monkeys.

Sure, it might be uncommon or not always welcome in the animal world (notice how the female buffalo walks away towards the end. The female goat in Africa sometimes did the same), but it does happen. That the females sometimes walk away is evidence of an interspecies understanding of the primacy of babies in breastfeeding.

The test of truth isn’t a representation in the animal kingdom. It’s an emphasis in the word of God, and God has clearly spoken about adult breastfeeding.

It’s just fascinating to see animals also engage in it.

So why does God especially desire humans to partake in adult nursing relationships?

First of all, bear in mind that human females are the only ones with permanently enlarged breasts located in the front of the body, close to the face. Next, remember that we are the only creatures who routinely copulate in a face-to-face position. From our design, it’s clear God wants us to be highly social and relational beings.

He also desires this practice in us because as morally intelligent creatures, we know we place an erotic spin on a natural act, which only makes Couples Nursing that much more erotic.

Also because this knowledge that they’re engaging in behavior that’s supplementary and not necessary for survival or procreation only improves couples’ sex lives and deepens their bond.

It’s also interesting to note that while female animals sometimes walk away, with humans, it’s often the males who walk away from nursing, proof of the uniqueness of ABF and further proof of my statement that as the most sentient beings capable of moral reflection, we know that our participation in this extracurricular activity only takes intimacy to the next level. Real, everyday women prove this.

The fact that women seek it out more than men, in order to bond and nurture, is powerful testament to the divine imprint within.

But even female animals also seem to enjoy it sometimes. I wish I could find the YouTube video, but I think said female monkey also got a deep sense of satisfaction from the arboreal nursing.

But the ultimate answer is “for His glory,” as in everything God does or wills.

What’s your take? Have you seen any adult animals nursing? Where? In what part of the world and in what setting? Out in nature? What animals exactly? Know of any online videos that depict this unique act? I have a YouTube video below showing one more example, but please share your knowledge in the comment section.

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