Litmus test for sharing ANR knowledge (or knowing if you’re obsessed)

I met a sweet, godly woman to whom I was getting more acquainted.

But I made the foolish and untimely decision to share my ANR knowledge without adequate closeness or trust.

Now that I’ve made that mistake, I’m determined to narrow down the timing, safety and wisdom of telling others about CN.

I keep mulling over the whos, whats, whens and hows of sharing one’s knowledge of ANR.

From experience, I think I can say a good litmus test of the appropriateness of ANR conversation is to ask yourself if learning about a Christ-centered ANR would serve the other person. Remember, ways one can infer this include knowing: whether the person is Christian, the level of trust between you, if they’ve been exposed to and are comfortable with all types of breastfeeding, how open-minded they are, how “unPuritanical” the individual is, how much they value deep intimacy in relationships, how much romantic interest/sexual attraction they have towards you, the relational context: whether romantic, platonic, or a counseling-type relationship, the level of breast attention they seek/aim to give, how well they fit the male and female ANR profiles, among other factors.

Be careful to get a sense of these first, because if you share your ANR knowledge without seeking to serve the other person, then you aim to serve only self, and need to repent.

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