Useful ANR fact number 6

Yes, ANRs are slightly more prevalent in certain countries, but I believe time plays a much greater role than place.

Moving to Asia or elsewhere strictly to pursue an ANR may not be worth the effort.

Despite clear evidence of marginally increased ANR rates in some countries, a single person in Ancient Rome would have had a greater chance of finding an ANR than one in today’s Asia.1 I’m convinced Ancient Israelite couples also enjoyed ANRs at rates much higher than those in contemporary Brazil, Germany, South Africa and Mexico.

I think this is because ANRs correlate with fecundity, and in those days, large families meant husbands were always around lactating breasts.

We ANR-desirous were born in the wrong millenium.

Thankfully, we worship a God who isn’t bound by time. He can make relevant connections between anachronic lacto-lovers happen, even in 2020.

Further reading/References:
1. Tara Mulder. “Adult Breastfeeding in Ancient Rome.” Illinois Classical Studies 42, no. 1 (2017): 227-243. (accessed September 4, 2019).

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