Marriage only

I’ve been convicted of how sneaky the sin of covetousness can be.

It’s so easy to get distracted and fall into the sin of serial lust. While it’s just as easy to rationalize this behavior, the fact is we’re cheating on our spouses each time we do. Men are especially vulnerable to having their eyes wonder.

In an ideal world, marriage would happen only once.

There’s only one person God has in mind for you.

I’ve been hit with this fact lately and have re-oriented my heart by thinking of my future wife more often, loving her, praying for her and honoring her by looking away from temptation. I’ve lately resolved to be more focused and intentional when around women, keeping in mind how most sacred the bond of marriage is, and determined to honor it and my future wife.

Pursue purity. Pursue Jesus. Don’t give temptation a foothold in your life. Minimize eye contact with the opposite sex if necessary. Don’t have mental ANRs with strangers.


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