Moi 2: Her boudoir


  • She’s extremely proud of her succulent, supple, soft, rich, fatty, creamy, fluid, somewhat pendulous, very sensual breasts, and having attention paid to them daily
  • She’s the creamy, rich, overflowing breast milk type
  • She has extremely sensitive and responsive nipples and areolae
  • She has rich tastes and switches up the ambience in this most intimate room: white and heavenly, dark and erotic, warm-blooded red, the list goes on
  • She’s definitely into red and black lace
  • Black stockings too
  • She lets loose and gets comfortable wearing thongs in this intimate setting, and here alone
  • She’s all for having some sweet pillow talk while simultaneously fully sexually engaged
  • She eagerly looks forward to showing her husband some mind-blowing tricks for his eyes only

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