Sex is no sin

This blog exists to promote reflection and conversation on the Christian need to rigorously examine sexuality through biblical lenses. The purpose of Christ-centered ANR is to refute the unbiblical notion that sex must be repressed, even so-called “kinky” expressions of sexuality.

I strongly believe Christians can be sex therapists, sex researchers, sex interviewers and sex educators, even to the unsaved.

Now, I realize that could be dangerous territory. But the point is, nothing under heaven is outside the domain of Christ.

Christians can talk about sex to nonbelievers in ways that awaken them to deeper truths of God’s hidden beauty in creation.

We can communicate sexual intimacy to the lost in ways that make them want to know Christ.

The difference we bring is the gospel. So there’s no need to draw boundaries around intimacy as a “no go zone” for believers. If God went there, so should we — with utmost caution.

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