Atrocious grace

For our sake, God made him who knew no sin to be sin, so in him, we might be the righteousness of God. 

2 Corinthians 5:21

God poured the cup of his wrath full strength on his Son. Because He loves us so.

Women are gracious. More gracious than most men. But husband breastfeeding women take the graciousness twenty steps beyond the rest.

They yearn to spoil their husbands by literally having them swim in an ocean of grace.

She yearns to love him atrociously and scandalously, at great cost to herself.

Just as the Holy Spirit indwells and feeds us, she desires to provide his daily sustenance.


Webster’s Dictionary gives the following definition for atrocious:

1: extremely wicked, brutal, or cruel : BARBARIC
prisoners subjected to atrocious treatment
the atrocious weapons of modern war
an atrocious accident
3a: utterly revolting : ABOMINABLE
atrocious working conditions
atrocious weather
b: of very poor quality
atrocious handwriting

I suspect the sentiments evoked by the words above accurately describe those felt by the ANR-horrified.

Those belonging to this class who also profess faith in Christ need to get a better grip of the gospel. If they really knew the God they claim to know, they’ll realize such is precisely the treatment to which God subjected His only begotten Son, just because He so loved the ANR-horrified believer.


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