Don’t fuel your sexual desires. Be blameless.

“I want to date (and eventually [marry]) a man that is willing [to] sacrifice his own needs and desire for his wife and family and is willing to fight to stay pure and blameless. This doesn’t mean that if someone has messed up before I won’t date him, it just means that if he is continuing to [fuel] his sexual desires and appetite outside of marriage (and explore what his desires are) then I know that he is looking just to satisfy his own needs and doesn’t know what it means to serve his family and lay down his own life (and desire).”

– message from a single Christian woman on the importance of her future husband being blameless


Refrain from adding fuel to the flame of your desire. One of the greatest gifts you can give your future husband or wife is your purity — not only practical abstinence, but mental also.

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