The unique danger posed by a Christian ANR

People who claimed to “have seen the light” have committed some of the worst atrocities in history.

Those convinced they had special revelation from God have used their percieved status as divine messengers to harass, marginalize, enslave, rape, kill and exterminate.

Horrible hermeneutics have led to many of the worst injustices being carried out in God’s name.

The more dogmatically convinced you are of the correctness of your esoteric revelation, the greater danger you’re in of falling into this murderous arrogance.

Genuinely regenerated Christians are not immune. The Western church was blindsided by the racism engendered by the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Many of our favorite 16-17th century pastors are complicit, as were the Puritans.

What if our special revelation from God is true? What if biblical and anecdotal evidence strongly supports the divine nature of such insights?

It means we need to be a lot more careful. Our hearts are desperately wicked and deceitful (Jer. 17:9). The fact that we have special, hidden, ancient biblical knowledge can easily foster a superiority complex, which I’m sure in every single instance, preceded the abominable acts discussed above.

It’s commendably courageous to be part of the community who see the beauty in ANRs. But for us who are also Christians, the knowledge that we’re privy to such ancient wisdom endorsed by God Himself might slowly work its way into our hearts and psyches, leading us to spiritual arrogance. It’s one thing to objectify others. It’s another to objectify them while twisting Scripture to justify your actions.

“Those of us who really, really get it, who instinctively know that an ANR is a godsend, and is very biblical, are in even greater danger. …

Satan doesn’t tempt with the obvious …

A little “harmless” ANR research can head downhill fast.

Being right is inherently dangerous.”

Give Satan an inch, he’ll take a mile on Christ-centered ANR

It’s one thing if a Christian gets carried away by their desire. It’s another thing entirely if they stare at people’s body parts and use verses like Proverbs 5:19 to justify their gross sin, as if “God has called me to ogle you and make you uncomfortable in the name of enlightenment, because I know better than you.” This thinking isn’t too dissimilar from those held by the aforementioned religious terrorists. Such a mindset is what truly worries me.

The solution? Give up your ANR desire? No, it’s to walk in even more fear and humility, with gratitude to the Lord for revealing to you something which although beautiful, can never replace what’s by far the most beautiful event in the history of the world — the atonement of Jesus Christ.

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