Guys, here’s the single most important trait to seek in her

Single men, don’t focus on physical attributes first. The size of her breasts or any other physical features are secondary.

The one thing you should set your mind on that most likely guarantees she’ll want to nurse you till the cows come home is this: she devotes her life to caring for and bringing people peace of mind.

The spiritual, deeper, more meaningful, less superficial aspects of an ANR matter more than simply a bra size, and women are wired to prioritize emotional attraction to a man over the size of any one body part, so seek the intangibles first.

I’ve come across several women in the ANR world whose occupations directly entail bringing peace of mind to others.

Nurse, doula, nanny, daycare worker, Sunday school kindergarten helper, retirement counselor, financial advisor, midwife and masseuse are prime examples of such vocations.

If she approaches such a position from an evangelistic perspective, as a way to actively fulfill the Great Commission, it’ll make your marital ANR much sweeter.

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