Nursing pads

To prevent leakage between nursing sessions.




Medela Safe & Dry, best nursing pads for heavy leaking:





Reusable cloth nursing pads:


Tips For Using Nursing Pads

  1. Make sure your nipple is clean and dry.
  2. Add a thin dab of nipple cream, if you’re using it.
  3. If it’s a disposable, peel off the backing and position against your breast so that your nipple is dead center.
  4. Now bring your bra close to your breast and press your pad-covered breast into the bra cup. This may take some practice to get the positioning right!
  5. If it’s a reusable, place in the cup of the bra first and then position comfortably. A thicker, padded bra might help conceal the bulk of a reusable.

You’ll know it’s time to remove a pad when it’s no longer keeping you dry. Remember, moisture against your breast can increase your chances for infections like thrush, so once a pad is no longer absorbent, get rid of it.

For a disposable, carefully peel the pad off, fold it up and throw it away with your normal household waste. For a reusable, place the wet pad in a small Ziploc bag to be laundered ASAP, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Again, make sure your nipple is clean and dry before putting on a new pad.

If you do happen to get thrush, you’ll want to switch to disposables or find a thorough way to disinfect your reusables, so you don’t spread the infection. When laundering, it’s advisable to skip the softener or anti static sheets and go for a sensitive detergent if possible.

Lastly, if your nursing pad gets stuck when you try to remove it, don’t pull. Being too rough with a sensitive nipple can cause cracking or rawness. Instead, a little warm water should dissolve any crustiness and release your nipple.


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