Cross-species milking and God’s intent

Said a breastfeeding mom and milk donor: “My little one gets gassy when I have dairy products, so I have cut them out of my diet. If your baby has the same issue, this milk is perfect for you.”

Her statement suggests humans were meant to have only one type of milk — the most natural, and most specific type.

In fact, I would argue that God prefers humans to engage in lifelong consumption of human milk. “Milk” is mentioned in the Bible, and there are biblical references to humans drinking animal milk, but cultures that see nothing wrong with adults drinking breast milk, either expressed or “from the tap,” are closer to God’s original intent than those that have a stomach-churning reaction to the idea, while at the same time harvesting it from animals by the barrel.

Come to think of it, the breast milk I recently tasted seemed so much more nutritious than cow milk. The latter is bland in comparison. Obviously, tongues and stomachs are meant to innately recognize and process identical species’ nutrients, even when digested and expressed.

Whole milk

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