The perfect latch and suckle

Women go gaga over the perfect latch.

From being around women, browsing through female ANR profiles and listening to their desires, I know a girl would do anything for that perfect latch and suckle.

To achieve this:

He should cover as much of the nipple and areola as possible.

He should use great suction.

He should let her know he’s drawing milk out, by letting her feel it with her nipple.

Because she wants to feel him drawing her in. She wants to know she’s being taken in.

She wants to become hidden in him.

I haven’t been in an ANR before, but I would hazard a guess that the warmth he would bring her would be a huge turn on.

It’s also important to hold her and show affection during the latch.

I thank God I know I’ll be blessed in all of the above 🙂 (see Moi … the Song of Songs version).

Turtle latching onto strawberry
“Looks like a male about to latch,” captioned one woman on a dating site

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