Obsess over Christ, not breasts

Unless you’re a mammogram technician, oncologist, healthcare worker, breast augmentation expert, bra designer or similar, you really shouldn’t be thinking of breasts much, especially if you’re a single guy.

I’m single, and should definitely call myself out. I go through cycles. Sometimes, the obsession described above defines me. Then I get convicted and by the power of the Holy Spirit, I walk in faithfulness and obedience, and my relationship with Christ blossoms again. This faithfulness impacts my ability to better love and respect others, in thought and in deed.

And the cycle sometimes turns on its head: as most of you know, I respect and admire women who wear beautiful, floral, flowing, colorful and patterned skirts and dresses.

Even this innocuous gleeful sight can be misleading.

I’ve realized that it’s much safer to admire such quaint beauty from an unbridgeable distance, say TV or any similar medium that doesn’t permit physical sin.

Few things in life are more difficult than relationships, especially those between men and women. Being Christian is a double-edged sword in the battle.

It’s much easier to blog about Christ-centered miming, gardening, juggling or pole vaulting.

No offense if you’re Christian and are into these things, but sex is a different animal. The sexual/romantic is on a very different level due to the ease of it becoming an all-powerful god. Sex has an unyielding hold on the flesh that such activities simply lack.

Sexual desire is no joke. We must tame it, holding it captive to obey Christ, and making sure we move towards holiness, away from fleshly gratification. We should be doing everything to add every bit of grace to our lives.

May God be with us all.

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