Wet nurses, doulas and lactation consultants

I have a lot of respect for women who volunteer to wet nurse or donate to other women’s children. Notice again the connection between nursing and doulas/lactation consulting. I’ve discovered that many women who are into wet nursing or milk donation also tend to see nothing wrong with ANRs.
These 4 ads stood out to me:
Ad Title: Houston mom looking to be a Wet Nurse
Mother of 2 looking to be a wet nurse. I have had success with inducing lactation over the past month. I am looking to find a consistent family to be a wet nurse for. I would also be willing to alter my diet to fit baby’s needs (I have lots of experience with a vegan diet). I successfully breastfed and pumped for my two daughters (now ages 6 and 8). I am also a nutritionist, doula, lactation consultant, and childbirth educator. Current full time online student pursuing my PhD from the University of Houston. Drug Free, Alcohol Free, Disease Free. Willing to undergo screening and interview with family.
Ad Title: Melanin Vegan Mama Liquid Gold […]
Raw Vegan Mama & Holistic Doula for over 3 years
No drugs, no alcohol […]
Pump on demand so milk is fresh
Breastmilk is multi-purposeful, it is the cure for many things in this world.
Health is wealth and it starts at the breast.
Talk to you soon!
Ad title: Lactation consultant with huge supply
Over producer, lactation consultant with a 5ft deep freezer full of sterile frozen milk […] ( high fat) Willing to also [pump] fresh milk on demand as well.
Smoke/drug free
90% Dairy free
Ad Title: Healthy, Active, Over-Producing Marketing Manager with Fatty Milk
I gave birth to my second child, a very healthy 9 lb 10 oz boy on January 4. I’ve been exclusively pumping since and have 4,000 oz in my freezer. I eat a balanced diet and do Barre3 4 times a week. There are absolutely no drugs or alcohol in my milk. My lactation consultant has always described my milk as more like half and half – very fatty! My son, at 10 months old, is 26 lbs and that came from my milk! I always freeze the milk within 3 days of pumping and I’m extremely meticulous about cleanliness. I’ve donated 3,500 oz already to two local moms who needed milk […] Contact me with any questions.

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