Her teats fill thee in all time

Thy vein be blessed; and be thou glad with the woman of thy young waxing age. An hind most dearworthy; and an hart calf most acceptable. Her teats fill thee in all time; and delight thou continually in the love of her. My son, why art thou deceived of an alien woman; and art fostered in the bosom of another?
Proverbs 5:18‭-‬20 WBMS: Wycliffe’s Bible with Modern Spelling (Warning: contains uninspired Apocrypha)



Online definitions of teat:



teat [tēt]
[ME tete < OFr < Gmc base akin to OE tit]
1. NIPPLE (sense 1)
2. any small projection like a teat


English World dictionary. V. Neufeldt. 2014.

Source: English Dictionary, enacademic.com






    1. (British English)
      (North American English nipple)

      the rubber part at the end of a baby’s bottle that the baby sucks on with its lips and tongue in order to get milk, etc. from the bottle

Word Origin
Middle English (superseding earlier tit ‘woman’s breast or nipple’): from Old French tete, probably of Germanic origin.


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