My husband enjoying my breasts would drive me over the edge

Gentlemen, that’s the kind of woman to seek.

So with caution, respect, carefully chosen words, wisdom, purity and reverence, discern if she’s the type who would delight in giving you her breasts daily.

“I am thrilled beyond words that he and I have an equal passion for breast attention. Reading Song of Solomon makes so much more sense in how God designed husbands and wives to enjoy each others bodies within the exclusiveness of marriage …
We are so looking forward to all of the wonderful moments and benefits to be had with our ANR. I would imagine, as “older” newlyweds, we will be getting alot of feedback as to the secrets to our higher than normal display of “wedded bliss”. I know without a doubt that God designed us for each other at this time in our life; experiencing and expressing for each other a love that could have only come from God alone.

Take Care,

“For me, the idea of offering my body, and more specifically my breasts, for my husband’s enjoyment is giving him my best. On a selfish level, my husband enjoying my breasts would give me great joy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and quite frankly I think it would be thrilling. My husband would be pulling from the very core of my being and I can’t even begin to think how amazing that would feel for us both. I can’t even begin to imagine the intimacy felt in those moments and how I would feel more feminine, and more like a woman in a purely Biblical sense. By nature, I am a nurturing woman and I think being in an ANR would increase those feelings in me and provide almost a sense of healing for my own personal insecurities. […]”

— Cali Nurse

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