Boldly — but cautiously — pursue an ANR. God’s got your back.

Come to think of it guys, (and also even gals), breasts are the only female body parts God explicitly exhorts us to enjoy in marriage. I can’t think of any verses in which He mentions female genitals or buttocks by name, followed by an exhortation to enjoy said body part in marriage.

It’s time to quit being bashful. Confidently go in the direction of your desire. You have all of God’s word to back you up. As long as you’re being respectful to your potential mate, God’s got you. I suggest following my method in slowly and gently broaching the subject. But trust me, I know women are just as eager to give their breasts to us as we are to relish them. God knows breast enjoyment is a win-win scenario. He created us, so He knows our frame. He knows exactly what brings joy to both women and men.

Faith in God’s character and His Word, of which not even the smallest iota would prove empty, should only bolster our confidence to fearlessly — but respectfully — pursue Couples Nursing.

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