The real definition of “husband”

The original definition of husband was “one who cares for another.” Webster’s Dictionary lists an archaic definition of husbandry as “the care of a household.” It also defines husband as “to manage prudently and economically, to use sparingly CONSERVE.”

Ephesians 5 tells us we men have a duty to care for our wives by sanctifying them with water of the word, laying our lives down for them like Christ did for the Church. When Peter calls women the “weaker vessel,” he means they are like delicate fine china to be treated with the utmost care and love.

So taken together, a husband is one who cherishes, cares for, sacrifices for, stewards, protects, and treats as a rare, precious, delicate gem his female life partner.

Husband, have you cared for your wife lately? Have you preached the gospel to her? When was the last time you made a major sacrifice for her?

Conserve, cherish and adore your wife. Don’t waste a moment with her.

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