How to disclose your desire without coming off as a creep

To minimize the shock and creep factor, I now think it’s wiser to stagger your disclosure. Consider breaking it into the following stages:

  1. Stage One: The homework/detective stage. Guys, seek the feminine, nurturing, affectionate type. Girls, look for a man who’s openminded and not too puritanical.
  2. Stage Two: The buildup/getting intimate stage. Build trust. Patience is crucial. After multiple dates/phone calls/video chats, during which faith in Christ is the prime topic of discussion, gracefully switch gears to gently and maturely tell them the importance of breast attention. I realize it’s quite the switch there, but it’s possible if you do it biblically. Refer them to Proverbs 5, and read it together. Zoom in on verse 19. Tell them you need frequent breast stimulation for x minutes a day, everyday, using a sincere and gracious tone.
  3. Stage Three: The punchline. After they consent, and you build more trust as time passes, let them know such breast stimulation for a prolonged amount of time will inevitably lead to lactation. Express your desire to continue despite the flow of milk. It won’t be as shocking.
  4. Stage Four. The patience and purity stage. Commit to staying pure before marriage. Do not go beyond conversation.

How to determine when to proceed from one stage to the next? It’s all about striking a perfect balance between emotional connection and time sensitivity. Read the signs. Like a poker expert, a shrewd investor or an astute politician, timing is everything. How successful was the previous step? How safe do you feel it is to move on? Putting the other person’s feelings and desires ahead of your own, pray about it and go with your conviction.

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