Men love it when you stroke our hair during nursing sessions

Here’s the typical scenario I, and I imagine most men, would love during nursing:

“What am I looking for? A man who comes home from a long day of work filled with stress and the worries and frustrations of the day and seeks my full, milky breasts to relax and unwind. A man who lays beside me at night and lets my dripping nipples drift him off to sleep. A man who wakes up and aches to latch on to me as much as I ache for him to suckle away my engorgement. A man who finds comfort and solace between the curved mounds of my chest and craves the taste of my milk. A man who knows there is no sweeter place to be than buried in my breasts drinking from me as I stroke his hair and we lay there in silence. Is that man you?”

–K (read more from her here)

General affection and physical comfort during nursing sessions would be immensely cherished by a man. See short video clip in CN elevates women. Feminists agree.


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