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Candid explanation of end goal, for ANR lovers and haters alike

Imagine we live in a time and place where being affectionate is seen as weak, infantile and taboo. “Real men and women past the age of 5 don’t cuddle” and “skin-to-skin contact is strictly reserved for mother and child” are our national ethoses. But using biblical, medical and anecdotal evidence, I respectfully challenge and oppose…

Be his nurse

“’cause I’m his nurse, and he my Dr. Dre” — Trina (rapper) There are few things as divine and beautiful as being one’s husband’s nurse. “In the context of marriage, an ANR is beautiful and sacred.” — K

Party in the Bedroom

An ANR is literally partying, feasting, reveling, rejoicing, relaxation, vulnerability, emotional intimacy, cuddling, sex, spirituality, healthy eating, and worship all rolled up into one act. No wonder couples often report that the act leads to the greatest sex they’ve ever had. See also: Fiesta, Fiesta: Food brings people together FeastingFood


Another catch-all phrase to serve my brothers, and to some extent, sisters in Christ. The typical woman who loves ANRs enjoys contributing to the Physical and Emotional Wellbeing of others. Observe her. Does she enjoy showing affection to others? Is she the type who offers emotional support to those in need? Does she like cooking…

Trust God

There are many good things God blesses and desires for his children, like marriage, sex within marriage, children, and I believe, an ANR in marriage. Despite his affirmation of these blessings, for reasons only known to him, he sometimes chooses to withhold them from us. He may be saying “yes, I want you to enjoy…