Shai Linne — Our God is in the Heavens

Our God is in the heavens
He does whatever He pleases!

[Verse 1: Shai Linne]
The Sovereign LORD, Great I am recognize the name!
He’s always on top of His game, a Lion that simply cannot be tamed
And no, He is not restrained at all- nobody can stop His reign
So why do the nations rage and all of the peoples plot in vain?
Their sin and offense is against His excellence and they’re not ashamed
As though He’s lacking the power to shackle them now in the hottest flames
And so they cock and aim- the target? His cosmic reign
That’s like a kid with a super soaker trying to conquer Spain!
Man thinks he’s a pugilist, trying to ball up his puny fist
At the LORD, who is ruling this
What’s amusing is God just laughs, like “Who is this”?
Stupid kids who persist in foolishness
It’s only by God’s power you exist
Now you declare war on the LORD
When before you were born, He formed you in the uterus?
Look- Our God is in the heavens and He does all that He pleases
He’s established His King in Zion and His name is Jesus!

Our God is in the heavens
He does whatever He pleases!

[Verse 2: God’s Servant]
Our God is up in the heavens and the seat at His right hand
That’s given to rule and reign is where Jesus the Christ lands
And He sits preeminent, He originates the right stance
Impossible for Him to fail, no there’s not even a slight chance
Constructor and Conductor, leaving the men amazed and saying
“What manner of man is this that even the winds and waves obey Him?”
From His purpose of election, and to birth, to our perfection
He has ordained it and He decrees and works by His direction
He never will suffer defeat, He’s precisely the Truth and the Life and the
So even when He died, they never took His life but He gave His life away
To see when they crucified Him, nobody had imagined it
Not only was a part of the plan to save but the climax of it
He’s gonna get glory, we’re created to be His instruments
His reign’s inexhaustible- His rule is truly infinite

Our God is in the heavens
He does whatever He pleases!

[Verse 3: Shai Linne]
The perfections of God are not affected at all by human opinion
Everything in the universe is under His control and His rule and dominion
And there’s nothing in the world that could ever could come to pass at last
Unless He first decreed it
If we dive in His word we can read it, see all of His purposes completed
And as hard as it seems, the heart of the king is a stream of water in His
With discernment you’ll see God turns it where He’s determined according to
His plans
You gotta get a focused lens to truly understand where His control extends
And I know that this offends, but the truth is the grossest sins serve His
Ultimate ends
You might not hear it from your favorite pastor
But He made the wicked for the day of disaster
Sinners unacquainted with the way of the Master
We have to explain what is plain in the chapters
He’s sovereign over creation and sovereign over salvation
Including reprobation, regeneration
I wouldn’t want to say this if it wasn’t based in His revelation (slow down)
It’s kind of stunning, men ignore His throne, the creature’s lost it
The time is coming when the Lord alone will be exalted

Our God is in the heavens
He does whatever He pleases!

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