Candid explanation of end goal, for ANR lovers and haters alike

Imagine we live in a time and place where being affectionate is seen as weak, infantile and taboo. “Real men and women past the age of 5 don’t cuddle” and “skin-to-skin contact is strictly reserved for mother and child” are our national ethoses.

But using biblical, medical and anecdotal evidence, I respectfully challenge and oppose that prevailing sentiment, showing how a wealth of blessing awaits the couple that showers each other with affection.

“There’s nothing taboo about snuggling with your intimate life companion” is what I aim to communicate in this affection-is-taboo scenario by educating the public of the theological undergirding and divine bounty bestowed upon such a relationship of grace.

Over the millenia, Christians have definitely changed societal views by exposing inertial resistance and enlightening people to their preconceived notions and baseless taboos.

Changing minds about a false taboo by showing the beauty of such an act and drawing upon all kinds of evidence is something experts from all religious persuasions and walks of life have successfully championed.

I’ve gotten some pushback from Christians about obsessing/idolizing ANRs, so I feel the need to revisit this topic. Few people would judge or question a believer for wanting all couples of all religions to cuddle more, since it’s been medically proven to increase intimacy and encourage bonding in marriage, so why should it be different for the Christian who promotes Couples Nursing? My aim is only to show how an ANR isn’t meant to replace God, because nothing can, but it’s a sweet and intimate gift from God that isn’t taboo and does strengthen marriages.

Every couple that values emotional intimacy should be in an Adult Nursing Relationship.

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