Let Christ be Lord of your ANR desire

The Christian fight between legalism and antinomianism is lifelong. I said before how I used to be quite moralistic. Since founding this blog, I feel more enlightened and have left my prudish ways behind, but have to guard against worldly lust masquerading as newfound freedom in Christ. I mentioned how in the past few years, I’ve let my flesh get the best of me by letting my curiosity lead me to discuss ANR with women I didn’t know well enough, and even lost a dear Christian female friend in the process.

For those who minimize truth, he’ll burden them with heresies, for those who emphasize truth, he’ll turn them into Pharisees. One generation, he’ll tempt them to be legalists, the next generation, he’ll tempt them to be hedonists.

Shai Linne, “Cosmic Powers”

Don’t let your flesh get the upper hand. Put the “Christ” in Christ-centered ANR.

The key to walking the fine line between Christian liberty and gospel holiness is to seek to glorify Christ in everything. Keep him in mind and heart first, and he’s more likely to bless you with a faithful Christian ANR.

Submit to him in everything. He truly sees you right this moment from his vantage point at the right hand of God’s throne, and wants to bless you if you’re faithful and true.

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