The Humility of Christ, by Timothy Brindle

VERSE 1: Forever before the Creation or there was Satan the Son was with the Spirit and Father in Glorification / Before worship of fine angels above the Trinity was in a perfect Triangle of love / Chilled with no one else / no need for others ’cause God is self-sufficient fulfilled within Himself / And we can only guess the conversation / but the Son agreed to rescue those the Father gave Him / And although this Lord should be worshipped He volunteered to take upon the form of a Servant / The Father commanded yet asked Him to come / So now let’s examine the fashion it was done / Let me ask you if you seem confused with this / God passed through His own creature’s uterus / I admit this is odd yet the Bible can persuade me / An omnipotent God crying as a Baby? / No doctors around no spot could be found to give birth to a Child the only option in town / was to be born in a feeding trough with breeding cows and feces piles / the scene was foul / It wasn’t fancy but raunchy / How the Son of God was born next to camels and donkeys / What an awesome feat to drop so deep and cop His sheep / He didn’t step down He took a quantum leap / And I’m amazed how God infinite in wealth / put aside His fame and limited Himself / to time and space and eyes and legs / He died to save a violent race whose sin would bring ’em hell 

HOOK: Who’d assume that this could be? / God became a Man penetrating into human history / But He did it completely opposite than people thought He would so unbelievers mocking it / Who’d assume that this could be? / You became a Man penetrating into human history / But You did it completely opposite than I thought You would so I was mocking it

VERSE 2: The Promised Messiah didn’t come in the honor of sire but humbly rockin’ some modest attire / So people missed it / to be specific the legalistic thought their king would be the richest / And we know we like commodities / but the Possessor of all riches chose a life of poverty / Wait it’s not the descendant of David is this? / Yes and He’s descended the greatest distance / He chilled with sinners and tax robbers / Amongst His creatures who to Him were grasshoppers / He dwelt with the lower class lowly men and those known as trash were His chosen kin / And the unbelieving Jews were sick of Him they said He runs with a team of stupid fishermen and speaks to Samaritans and Barbarians / Pharisees stared at Him with harsh arrogance / It’s shown when the Savior took notice of beggars / Healed the blind and sick and those with lowest of wages / He even touched those with leprosy which was seen as the most disgusting known infection see / Wait are you kidding me? Watch Jesus go low and wash Peter’s toes / what great humility / See the Second Person of the Trinity came down to rescue workers of iniquity / Check His earthly ministry / He didn’t make a bed / He had no place to lay His head / But He became bound to His own Law but we found no flaw / Was from a rugged town / so raw / Slumbered and slept / hungered and wept and sweated / Plunged to our depth / the sum of our debt’s pathetic / The humblest yet the humblest death that’s dreaded / The Son is our rest come under Him get His credit

HOOK: No question that He’s G-O-D but He laid aside the full expression of His Deity and surfed the chasm / no words can fathom how God walked this earth which is cursed from Adam / No question that You’re G-O-D but You laid aside the full expression of Your Deity and surfed the chasm / no words can fathom how You walked this wicked earth

VERSE 3: He was falsely condemned by Jews and filthy pagans / Now the Cross / the peak of His humiliation / No discussion / sure they’d best remove Him / He got the most disgusting form of execution / He Who sits upon the throne and rules was kicked and stomped and spit upon by Roman fools / Despised by Israel / tried by sinful souls / but was silent when struck by violent imbeciles / And Jesus was able / to call down legions of angels but He was too faithful / Gracious and patient was Him / yet He was hated and forsaken by men / like Jews they hated His soul / Judas betrayed Him for gold / When it was tough His crew was afraid so they roll / Suckers they merked Him / this Suffering Servant / was beat up and looked like He was cut by a surgeon / Slaughtered bleedin’ gushin’ oozin’ blood / The Father pleased to crush Him Whom He loved so He probably didn’t even feel the crown and nails / He had to suffer more than that to bring down the veil / Our eyes are haughty and our lies are naughty / the holy Christ bore our sins inside His body / Yea His veins they burst but no one’s pain was worse ’cause the One Who made the earth became a curse / And He was One with the Father’s Essence but on the cross the God of heavens cut off His presence / So I can’t share any language that can rightly describe the Christ’s despair and His anguish / So forever will I tell / in three hours Christ suffered more than any sinner ever will in hell / He who had infinite joy and pleasure became a Man of Sorrows so we could join forever

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