My heart’s true delight

Lord Jesus, take this competitor away. This struggle is real. The options are attractive. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life sometimes get a hold of me, but You are stronger. My desire is great, but You’re greater.

My eyes deceive me. There is nothing in this life I want more than You.

I have seen You and You’re beautiful.

You know my name, and I answer when You call. I know Your voice and will always respond to You. I will not listen to another. I drink from Your overflowing fountain. My soul exults in You. I find my sweet rest in You. You have opened the eyes of my heart, and my heart burns with joy. You shed Your blood for me, and forever live to intercede for me and my sinful self.

My soul longs for You above any and all earthly refreshments. You alone can satisfy. You alone are my joy. You alone are holy, loving and true.

You alone are my hope.

I’ll wait in silence for you.

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