Adult breastfeeding wet nurses

“Breastfeeding is touted for infants because of the nutrients, which help to build immunity. Historically, women have breastfed adults who were sickly to help build their immune systems. The practice has continued more recently than you might realize in countries such as China” (emphasis added).

That just really hit me last weekend.

THAT IS THE GOSPEL IN ACTION. That’s what Francis Chan describes as crazy love.

This act clearly demonstrates an advantage women have. If a healthy couple with a newborn chances upon a hungry, sick and dying adult on a desert island, there is nothing the man can do to save the patient.

Nonsexual wet nursing for the healing of the infirm* precisely models what God the Son came to do for us diseased, ungrateful, desperately ill sinners.

People are often disgusted by the concept of Adult Breastfeeding because adults generally aren’t dependent and helpless. But that the adult wet nurse serves another human when she doesn’t have to is exactly what makes it an act of grace. Amazing grace.

Breast milk is medicine. A good woman brings healing to her husband’s body.

“Actually [there are] fetish reasons and legit health reasons why men would want to be breast fed. the legitimate reasons for men wanting to be breastfed / wet nursed is because woman’s milk contains a lot of enzymes minerals and high potassium levels. it is known to help men strengthen their muscles and Bone matter and overall health. It is also known to help men fight cold flu allergies and other viruses.. to back me up you can do a Google search on this topic.”

ANR does not have to be about sex. It’s about healing — physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, romantic, and relational healing. Women are a source of refreshment and rejuvenation that we’ve far too long neglected.

Yes, breasts are very sexual, and we need to practice modesty. But as a society, we need to quit thinking of them as solely sex organs. Rather, we ought to also see them, and the women who own them, as medicine and healing, good for the body and soul.

*If you’re not genuinely sick and go engage in a traditional ANR, you will likely incur God’s wrath. There’s a huge difference between nursing in private and in a healthcare setting.

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