Tandem breastfeeding — ANR style

We folks in the Couples Nursing world are very open-minded. But this post will divide even our community. And I understand the sense of revulsion some might feel.

But before we rush to judgment, let’s pause and contemplate for a moment. If we agree that it’s possible for a woman to breastfeed her husband with no sexual connotations, then which biblical principle is she violating by having him get his share after baby is fully latched?

The original documentary in English on extended breastfeeding has been taken off YouTube, and I was only able to find the Polish dub above, but if you listen a little closely, you’ll catch the gist of the conversation beginning at 0:12:

Interviewer: Has he ever wanted to nurse while you breastfeed your child?

Wife: Oh, he has. But that’s not unusual amongst breastfeeding families to have baby on one side and husband on the other. You just gotta keep everyone happy.

Husband: Oh, I still like [her breasts] the same *wife laughs*. And I can separate the two functions. Quite easily. I’ve always been happy to take my place in the queue.

Wife: If a woman is making a lot of milk, instead of throwing it away, you might as well share. You can make some more.

Husband: You have to care about husbands as well.

Source: Extraordinary Breastfeeding

So we see here that hubby breastfeeds from his wife — in tandem with their child. Generally speaking, what humans abominate, God loves, and vice versa. I think God smiles upon women who breastfeed baby and husband simultaneously. To me, such a female is a true Superwoman.

Personally, I won’t see anything wrong with tandem breastfeeding if my wife were cool with it. Like the man in the video, I can also separate the two functions. I’m able to condition myself into knowing that while our baby is attached, her breasts are a sexual dead zone.

Read more of Veronika Robinson’s explication of her extended breastfeeding here.

What are your thoughts? Is tandem breastfeeding during an ANR fair game or too uncomfortably weird?

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