You would love it when I stroke you during feeding sessions

Conversely, I also can’t keep my hands off my woman who I adore.

During feeding sessions, I’d make sure at least one hand is always on you. I’ll stay stroking the other breast, your arms, face, torso or other parts that give you pleasure and joy.

I’ll listen to your needs and respond well to your desires.

I’ll drain your engorged breasts and let you drown away all my weariness and worries from a long, difficult day.

For is there a better way to be eased and soothed from rigorous job demands, strenuous occupational hazards and stresses than coming home to a comforting wife who puts in her best efforts to maintain a nourishing and delicious surplus of milk? I’ll show my deep appreciation of your hardwork by putting my hand where it counts.

I’ll make you fall asleep to my soothing, comforting caresses.

I’ll put your needs above mine. You’ll be in ecstasy.

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