Marriage only

My heavy ANR research lately has diluted my walk with the Lord.

I’ve now realized that the safest and healthiest way to gain ANR insight is God’s prescribed way: a Christ-honoring ANR, i.e. through marriage and his word.

It’s neither healthy nor necessary to push the boundaries, especially on a topic as powerful as this.

ANR practice is in its infancy, so unfortunately, there aren’t too many clean resources for curious believers.

Take this not as a directive to cut out 100% of all ANR curiosity/research. Perhaps 95% of internet research should be eliminated, as there’s simply way too much flesh-driven and pornographic information out there, and we all know where blurring the lines leads.

All I’m saying is be ultra cautious. As a Christian woman once said, it’s healthiest to learn about sexual topics with your spouse as you faithfully learn to serve them and place their needs above your own.

That’s the safe and appropriate context God has given us for sexual discovery, so don’t try to explore sex outside those confines. If you do, you’re really out to please yourself, not God or your future spouse.

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