“A lady inducing is not going to have the same supply as a lady who has recently given birth. A new mom has much more milk.”

ANR is tied to fecundity. Men and women into this lifestyle are equally fond of the idea of women making a milk volume that overflows.

I strongly believe ANR-loving folks are more fertile. No need for fertility drugs for us. Nature has gifted us vigorously viable seeds and ova.

And our God is very pro-productivity. We get our love for overflowing, bountiful wellsprings from the imago Dei embedded deeply within.

A month before founding this blog, my pastor preached an intriguing sermon on multiplicity. If you could have a million dollars right now or one cent today, two tomorrow, and keep doubling the amount for a whole month, which option would you pick? The first is obviously more tempting, but he told us folks who choose the latter option end up with over 10 million dollars. I went home and calculated it, and he was right. You’d have $10.7 million. $21.5 million in a 31-day month. He used this memorably illustrative sermon to preach the importance of making disciples, and the power of multiplicity when each disciple you make goes out to make two more, ad infinitum.

That’s what brings a smile to God’s face. Multiplicity and exponential growth, both in a spiritual and physical sense. Prolific profundity. Fecundity. Fertility. Reproductive potency and vigor. Overflowing abundance. Return on investment. When the gospel of His Son spreads like wildfire, and when believers in Jesus Christ have a quiver of naturally begotten disciples.

And the Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.

— Acts 2:47

And more than ever believers were added to the Lord, multitudes of both men and women

— Acts 5:14

How many disciples have you made for Christ?

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